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  • Mission and Core Values

Our Mission:

Healthy. Happy. Here.

Our mission at Onsite Dental is to help our patients be healthier and happier by making the highest-quality dental care more accessible and convenient. We rely on five core values to enable us to deliver on this promise every day:

mission values

Our Core Values

1. We exist to serve our patients.

This means we support our doctors to provide the right comprehensive dental care for each patient - no more, no less - at the highest level of quality. We also provide white-glove service with every patient interaction.

2. We take good care of ourselves.

We bring our healthiest and happiest selves to work, and we all work hard to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

3. We support each other and our team.

We are committed to providing the best support for the best doctors. We're opening and welcoming to all, and we create a cohesive team that celebrates our exceptional diversity. We give of ourselves and inspire our teammates.

4. We are grateful to our clients.

Our clients, who are some of the most successful organizations in the world, invite us into their space to serve their employees. We show our gratitude by consistently delivering excellent results, and adapting and contributing to their culture while staying true to our mission and core values.

mission values
mission values

5. We deliver results, together.

Delivering excellent results is what allows us to achieve our mission, stay ahead of our competition, and create great career opportunities for our team. We count on each and every team member’s contribution to do this. We believe we will only reach our full potential if we deliver results together.

Unity is Powerful

Onsite Dental's Employee Engagement Group consists of team members in a wide range of roles within the company located throughout the country, and is designed to ensure that diversity isn't just empty words but lives, breathes, acts and influences all of our team members.

The group's mission statement outlines: A community that represents diversity and inclusion, a desire to create a positive workplace culture where employees with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and abilities are respected, have equality, and are given the tools to succeed.

Onsite Dental Cookbook

Check out the Onsite Dental Cookbook, put together by our Employee Engagement Group, sharing recipes from our team members across the country and their traditions from around the world.

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