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    Beyond the FAQs: Five Things You May Not Know About Invisalign™ Treatment

    In this issue of Onsite Bite, we’re giving you important information in bite-sized amounts, on a popular topic; Invisalign.

    Invisalign treatment is on the rise. And with good reason -- people are giving their smile an upgrade during COVID downtime. Invisalign clear aligners provide an almost incognito effect, especially during video calls, which has been a leading reason for patients choosing to update their smile. We asked a couple Doctors questions beyond the standard FAQs to learn why Invisalign treatment has become so popular. Here’s what we learned.

    1. Invisalign can help relieve jaw soreness and tension headaches.

    Many people today are hunched in front of a computer in a homemade office, or working towards hitting a tight deadline, unknowingly straining our jaws and clenching our teeth. This can happen during the day, and even at night. “Did you know that when teeth are misaligned, it can also lead to tension headaches, TMJ joint issues, constriction of your airways (sleep apnea), and more challenging food digestion?” says Dr. Miki, a Dentist based in South Carolina. Ouch. “Finding the proper alignment of your teeth can significantly reduce these issues. If you’re looking to ensure longevity of your teeth with the added bonus of a beautiful smile, I’d recommend considering Invisalign.”

    2. Invisalign is often less expensive than traditional braces.

    "The biggest misconception about Invisalign is the cost. Many patients are under the impression that Invisalign costs more than traditional braces – and thankfully, that is not the case!” says Dr. Miki. While Invisalign and wire braces each address mild issues like crowding, Invisalign also addresses more complex issues like an overbite, underbite, or crooked jaw. Because Invisalign is often seen as the better alternative, people assume it’s more expensive. Invisalign, though, can be prescribed by highly-trained Dentists, which means patients can skip the expensive trip to the Orthodontist. In many cases, it’s less expensive overall than wire braces.

    3. Confidence is a driving factor for many people to get Invisalign.

    Have you ever Googled your favorite actor or actress to see what sort of “work” they had done to look as good as they do? If so, you’ve found out many (and we mean many) celebrities have undergone some level of tooth or smile restoration. “The allure of a straight and bright smile or ‘The Hollywood Smile’ is a strong motivator,” says Dr. Pagadala who provides many of his patients seeking ‘a more ideal smile’ with Invisalign treatment. “Comparing their pre-Invisalign pictures to the first selfie after speaks volumes. That picture truly is worth a thousand words.”

    4. What Invisalign lacks is as impressive as what it has.

    Invisalign treatment is generally considered less disruptive than traditional braces in many ways. Physically, there’s no metal hardware in your mouth with clear aligners. There are no limitations on what you can eat or drink like with traditional braces. You simply pop the aligner out to enjoy your favorites, then place it back in when you’re done. Dr. Miki also notes that there’s no needles, no drilling, and no goopy impression material involved, adding, “What I usually hear is ‘Why did I wat so long? It was so painless and fast?’”

    5. Dentists love Invisalign, too.

    Dentists are used to having to explain why a patient should move forward with a treatment. Then, after the procedure is done, the result of their work is often unnoticeable to the naked eye. Invisalign is a treatment that patients come in asking about on their own. And the Doctors can show simulations of expected results before even starting treatment. “I love having the privilege of sharing a life-changing transformation with my patients,” says Dr. Pagadala. “Being with them on their journey to a straighter and healthier smile is one of my favorite moments as a dentist.”

    Interested in what Invisalign treatment can do for you?

    Schedule a free consultation with your Dentist at Onsite Dental to see a free Smile Simulation of what Invisalign treatment can do for you aesthetically, as well as talk through other concerns you may have about uneven bites or tension headaches that may be helped with proper alignment.

    Dr. Miki provides dental care at Boeing in North Charleston, SC.
    Dr. Pagadala provides dental care to Facebook employees in Menlo Park, CA.

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    Dr. Pagadala provides dental care to Facebook employees in Menlo Park, CA

    Dr. Miki provides dental care at Boeing in North Charleston, SC

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