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A Healthy Heart Starts with a Healthy Smile

Why is your dentist talking about heart health? The health of your mouth is linked to the health of your ticker. Gums that are unhealthy or inflamed can have tiny tears and openings for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Poor dental habits have been known to increase the amount of bacteria in your mouth, giving it more chances to get to the heart via the bloodstream highway.?

So yes, taking care of your smile is also good for your heart!?

Leave it to the professionals to know if your gums are healthy

The look and feel of your gums don’t tell the complete story of your oral health. Leave that to the experts -- dentists and hygienist have trained extensively for this very moment.

During your routine dental visit, we not only look closely at your teeth and tissue, we also look at the space in between (known as “the pocket”). This helps determine if you’re 1) a-okay healthy! – see you in 6 months, or 2) showing signs of early or current gum disease – not to worry, we can handle this.

Maximize your smile – minimize your risk?

There are certain risks we’re all willing to take, like asking your brother-in-law to babysit, but don’t risk your heart health. Dentists can help you defeat or reduce gum disease, and all the risks that go with it, with fluoride treatments, medication, and/or more frequent cleanings. And because these specialized cleanings are recommended by your dentist, your insurance will help cover them.

Heart disease is still the #1 cause of death for both men and women in America, and the American Dental Association and the American Heart Association both correlate gum disease with heart disease.? Follow your dentist’s recommendations for a healthy, happy you.

Contact your dental practice today to make sure you are up to date and schedule your next appointment.?

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