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  • why onsite dental

    We offer private in-network dental care for your employees at no added cost to your company.

    Onsite Dental is the national leader of workplace dental care, bringing state-of-the-art, in-network dental practices to its partner companies, at no added cost to the employer. With a wide range of delivery models, we work directly with our partner companies to find the best way to meet their employees' dental needs.

    Learn more about how we can offer this in our 50-second video.

Watch the video to learn how Onsite Dental works.

    • Full service dental care

      Your employees can get about 95% of the dental care they need at Onsite Dental - not just exams and cleanings - so they don’t have to go elsewhere for fillings or other treatment procedures.

      We provide a comprehensive suite of general dentistry, with procedures ranging from exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, gum disease treatment, root canals, extractions - even whitening and Invisalign. And, we refer to and work closely with carefully chosen specialists for procedures that are complex and/or require general sedation.

    • Outstanding dentists and care teams

      We use a rigorous process for selecting affiliated dentists and care teams (hygienists, dental assistants and practice managers) with outstanding clinical credentials and experience, and we actively engage our clients during selection to ensure an optimal cultural fit at each location.

    • Evidence-based dentistry

      Our affiliated dentists and clinical leadership are committed to practicing evidence-based dentistry, including a rigorous quality assurance and chart review process that is difficult for individual dental practices to perform.

    • Lower risk and lower cost for employers

      Most workplace health clinics require employers to bear most or all of the equipment and operating costs, while Onsite Dental bears most or all of these costs. We take the risk of building a successful dental practice, billing on a fee-for-service basis as an in-network provider.

    • Leading the way for 22 years

      We pioneered the concept of bringing high quality, state-of-the-art dental care to leading employers across the nation since opening our first mobile unit in silicon valley in 1997.

      Choosing the right dental partner is critical for your organization's overall wellness strategy, and Onsite Dental is differentiated in several ways that have enabled us to remain the clear industry leader.


    To learn more about our dental care opportunities for your company and employees, contact: BusDevelopment@OnsiteDental.com

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