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Why Onsite Dental

    • Leading the way for 20 years

      We pioneered the concept of bringing high quality, state-of-the-art dental care to leading employers across the nation since opening our first practice in Silicon Valley in 1997.

      Choosing the right dental partner is critical for your organization’s overall wellness strategy, and Onsite Dental is differentiated in several ways that have enabled us to remain the clear industry leader.

    • Customized Delivery Models

      Onsite Dental customizes the dental delivery model to what works best for your organization. Our options include beautiful fixed-site practices that complement your existing facilities, high-tech, fully self-contained mobile practices that occupy just a few parking spaces, and innovative “pop-up” models that require no plumbing and fit in existing clinical or non-clinical space. Mobile and pop-up models can be either full-time or part-time.

    • Lower risk and Lower cost For Employers

      Most workplace health clinics require employers to bear all equipment and operating costs, while Onsite Dental bears most of these costs. For fixed-site practices, our clients typically provide the space and we provide the equipment. Our mobile and “pop-up” practices are fully self-contained and require no client investment. We also take the risk of building a successful dental practice, billing on a fee-for-service basis as an in-network provider rather than charging a fixed monthly fee.

    • Full Service Dental Care

      Your employees can get about 95% of the dental care they need at an Onsite Dental clinic, including a comprehensive suite of general dentistry with procedures ranging from exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions - even whitening and Invisalign!

    • Outstanding Dentists and Care Teams

      We use a rigorous process for selecting affiliated dentists and care teams (hygienists, dental assistants and practice managers), and we actively engage our clients during selection to ensure an optimal cultural fit at each location.

    • Evidence -Based Dentistry

      We collect and analyze clinical data to provide individual patients with an “oral health scorecard” while providing clients with longitudinal population health data that shows how the oral health of their employees and dependents changes over time.


      • Increased Employee Engagement: Dental care is the second-most requested workplace healthcare service (after primary care), and our patient satisfaction scores are consistently in the mid to high 90s.
      • Increased Productivity: Our patients typically save about 6.6 hours per year vs. seeing a local dentist thanks to decreased travel time.
      • Decreased Absenteeism/Presenteeism: U.S. workers lose about 164 million hours per year due to dental issues, many of which could be avoided with better preventive care.
      • Improved Employee Health: Routine and preventive dental care - combined with proper patient oral hygiene - is highly correlated with improved oral health, as well as better overall health. Studies show that good oral health reduces the risk for many medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and low-birthweight babies.
      • Decreased Healthcare Costs: Improving oral health - and completing necessary dental treatment in a timely manner - decreases the need for more complex (and costly) dental treatments over time.

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Our dental delivery models are customized to fit your organization's space and culture.