Covid Mitigation Plan

Onsite Dental and its Affiliated PC’s follow a rigorous and comprehensive Covid prevention plan that includes screening of all employees, patients, and visitors prior and upon arrival as well as following universal precautions.

Please note that Onsite Dental has had no confirmed cases of a Covid transmission in any of our dental practices, and this is true more broadly for dentistry nationally.

Pre-Screening of Employees

Onsite Dental and its Affiliated PC’s perform thorough prescreening of all its employees by:

  1. Having the employee pre-screen at home before arriving to work through the Stratum HealthCheck App. Positive responses are forwarded to the Clinical Safety Team which then evaluates the case and makes recommendations regarding further actions. Actions are based on current CDC, OSHA and state guidelines as well as established Client protocols.

    Actions could include testing, seeking further medical evaluation or clearance, quarantining or not coming to work for a period of time. An employee is cleared to go to work based on the most current established health guidelines and recommendations.

  2. Upon arrival at work, team members are screened once more, answering whether they have experienced any covid symptoms or exposures as well as having their temperature and pulse oximetry readings taken and documented. This is logged and sent real time to the Safety Committee.

Prescreening Patients and Visitors

All patients are sent a pre-screening questionnaire before arriving for their appointment. Upon arrival, pre-screening responses are confirmed, and patients have their temperature checked before proceeding into the procedure room.

Vaccination and Testing

Onsite Dental and its Affiliated PC’s highly recommend that all of our employees vaccinate when considered appropriate by their physician, and we fully comply with our clients’ policies regarding vaccination and testing of vendors on their premises. Government regulations and client policies are evolving, and this section will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

COVID Incident Response Guidelines

Healthcare Provider Exposure Protocol: If a Team member is found or suspected to have been exposed to Covid, we conduct a thorough work up until the employee is deemed safe to return to work. Patient Exposure Protocol: If a patient is deemed to have been exposed to a covid positive individual in the practice, we will follow local, CDC and OSHA guidelines to advise them and conduct contact tracing. We would typically do this first through a phone call followed by an email.



Respiratory Protocol for Team Members: Our Team members abide by a strong respiratory protocol and have been provided with appropriate PPE to protect both themselves and our patients.

Masks for Patients: OSHA and CDC guidelines still require that masks be used inside healthcare facilities. We will continue to use masking in our facilities unless patients are actively getting intraoral treatment.

Reduction of Aerosols

Air Filtration: All of our locations utilize air filtration systems that HEPA, Merc 13 and/or Medify Medical Grade Air Filtration units.

AAerosol Reduction Adjuncts: Our teams have been provided with adjuncts to help them reduce aerosols which include, but are not limited to specialized rubber dams, brush heads and other systems including Isolite and Mr. Thirsty.

Our patients are also asked to complete a pre and post procedural rinse with irrigants that are effective against Covid.


In addition to using disposables on each patient, our teams actively and thoroughly sanitize all of our rooms as well as walls, handles and other high touch areas frequently with agents that have been found to be effective against Covid-19. All re-usable equipment is also sterilized according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Hand sanitizer is readily accessible to our Teams and all of our patients

Continuous Training on Infection Control

Our Teams meet at least monthly to review the latest infection control guidelines and train regularly on infection control protocols.